2012 Eagle´s nest by Schleich!!

I went to town today to buy a bluetooth headset with radio for my Iphone. Pod-radio eats battery-power as you may have noticed!! 🙁

Anyway I off course could not pass the toystores without checking the Schleichshelves. 🙂 I bought the new eagle´s nest for my oldest daughter, Edina. Also a eagle for my youngest daughter, Ally. And I also desided to check all the animals on the shelves and see where they are made. To my surprise almost all animals are made in China. Only a few were marked made in Germany. We have also a few with made in Tunesia marking. However I don´t think Schleich use the factory in Portugal anymore.

The smurfs I think are made in Germany now. It will be interesting to see the markings on the new smurfs beeing sold in May. Made in China or Made in Germany?? 🙂


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