Ring Gymnasts sold in UK-box.

Maureen asked me if all the smurfs sold in the UK by National were marked made in Portugal, since they were made in the Victor Maias factory in Portugal. As I may have told you before the ones sold in summer 1980 for the Oilympics were not marked made in Portugal. They were marked W Germany and had a yellow dot telling it was painted in Portugal. However, a Portugal-marked variation was made later and then sold with the Maia Borges-sticker on the box. This was after the National Benzole promotion had ended though.

Basicly it is the same with all smurfs sold during the National promotion. Painted in Portugal but not marked made in Portugal. Maybe around 1982 the first smurfs with Portugal-markings were sold for the first time. So could be that the last smurfs sold in UK when National still had the license had Portugal-marking??


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