Waffle Day in Sweden today!!

It is Waffle Day in Sweden today so we just had coffee with waffles, whipped cream and strawberry jam. Jummy!!

The water salamanders are back!!

This morning I found the first water salamander. I got some help catching him. 🙂 This is a protected species in Sweden like most amphibians. This is the smaller one, Lissotriton vulgaris, but later in the Spring also the more rare and larger water salamander, Triturus cristatus, comes to our pond to mate.

One hour lost!

Don´t forget to move your clocks one hour forward today, since tonight at 02.00 the summer time began and the clocks moved forward to 03.00 instead. So one hour lost, but we will get it back the day before my birthday in 28th october 2012. 🙂


We had a lovely sunny weather today. Our cat Myra enjoyed the sun also. In about one month she will have kittens again!! 🙂

See other sunbather smurfs here( no variations-pictures so far): http://thecursedcountry.com/sunbather.html

The Horses are out of the Barn!!! :)

Ally let all her Schleichhorses out today. Over 40 now. And she wants more! 🙂

Lunch in the Garden for the first time!!

We had lunch outside in the garden today for the first time. And seeing Scilla forbesii blooming for the first time outside the house. We always wrongly called this plant Scilla before, but then the correct name was Chionodoxa forbesii. But only a few years ago they changed it to Scilla, so finally I can call all these blue flowers looking so alike Scilla and be correct!!! 🙂

New smurf 2012: Articlenumber 20745 Winner. Medal will only be painted in one colour!!

I received an answer from Schleich regarding variations of the new smurfs. There will only be one approved variation of each. So for example the medal will only be sold in one colour. This is very interesting since I think many sellers could easily repaint the medal and sell them as variations. So if you see variations of this smurf they are repaints from sellers or painters own initiatives and not approved by Schleich. Eventhough it would be nice to have them painted in all three colours gold, silver and bronze, when displaying them on a stand!

So if you necessarily want the medals in other colours the easiest way would be to repaint them yourself instead of paying lots of money for fakes!! 🙂

The old coinsmurf (20029) from 1976/77( the first mold pre 1978 was different and is not on the picture) was always painted in orange( darkorange also exist). But the variation made by Minimodels in Argentina for Schleich was painted with a gold medal. According to the SCCI-letters from the 80s also a variation with a silver-medal exists. That one is extremly rare.

Almost like The Seven PAT-Dwarfs!!

When I took this picture I thought that they are almost like the seven dwarfs. Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Grumpy etc. Even the magic mirror is there. 🙂

These are seven spanish smurfs marked PAT. They are slightly smaller and softer. Very cute ones. One more exist. The prisoner. So only 8 possible??

I am not sure if these are licensed or not, but if they were made around 1976 it could be possible. During a few years in mid or late 70s many smurfs were made for the promotion of the new movie and at that time Schleich did not make any smurfs. And Bully only had a limited capacity to produce smurfs then. They could have been used in a promotion in Spain, but could also just be fakes???

There are other spanish smurfs without the PAT-marking but made of very similair material and size and also similair painting. One interesting thing with these are that they are made like the older smurfmolds from pre 1976, so that could tell us they were made early. Or are there later ones also??

Other side of the sockel has this logo. What is this???

Check your Paracodins and see if you can figure this logotype out!! 🙂

Close-up if it helps?? 🙂

I tried to add some colour and maybe it helps?? 🙂

I played a bit with the picture in Photoshop and converted it like this. Easier to see the look now. Benny told me it probably is a symbol for cough and I think he is completly right. A face from the side and lines in front representing coughing!! Thanks Benny!!


I just noticed there are 2 more prints on the paracodin-smurfs. This is the logo for Knoll in Germany and it is printed on one side of the sockel. 🙂

It is this logo and as you see it has connection to BASF Pharma. Could be a connection to Abbott since this is written about them: ”In 2001, Abbott acquired Knoll, the pharmaceutical division of BASF.”

Knoll made the Paracodin Syryp and this was especially suitable for children. So maybe the promotion was for that one??? 🙂 And Abbott got the trademark for Paracodin when acquiring Knoll?