Gnap Gnap Gnap Gnap

The first story about only the smurfs made by peyo was ”The black smurfs”. Sold first time in July 1959. Short story: The Bzzz-fly stung one smurf and he became black. After biting the other smurfs in the tails finally all smurfs except Papasmurfs have turned into black smurfs. In the end they surrounded Papasmurf and he also turns into a blacksmurf, but …..Well, maybe it is better if you read it yourself??? 🙂

BP in Holland named them Gnapsmurfs because of the only word they said: -Gnap!

If you are interested in the PVC variations of the Angry, I have finally added all pictures of them on my website. Check them out here:

Angry, pre-1969

Lia helped me get this Angry from Holland. It is only Peyo-marked and is among the first ones sold, meaning pre 1969. Strange that it has small holes under the feets?? Tintin also has this variation and also with holes. Check my website for other Angry-variations. I will add them later today.

Grävlingfamilj. Allys badger-picture!! :)

Be careful!!

Todays newspaper told us about the danger going on the ice on the lakes, eventhough it sometimes is 20-30 cm thick. They are melting rapidly now.

Garden furniture

Today we took out our garden furnitures and had coffee in the sun.

Spring is here!!!

It is time to get the garden ready for the Spring. 🙂

Sales display

I recently saw this display in a bookstore. Don´t know if it is new though??

Viktor and his new friend!!

testing the blog with this picture of Viktor. 🙂