Valborgsmässoafton or Walpurgisnacht( Faust by Goethe)

Today is a big day in Sweden. Valborgsmässoafton, originally from the german Walpurgistag( 1st of May). So the eve before this day, is many times connected to witches and therefore the fires and fireworks are common.

In Sweden it is a big day for welcoming the Spring with singing and celebrating. It is probably, together with midsummer, the biggest holiday if counting the amount of alcohol cunsumed. 🙂

Smurfberries from Grape Hyacinth!!

Grape Hyacinth( Muscari armeniacum) are perfect for smurfberries. Or in this case maybe we should call them smurfgrapes??? 🙂 From one flower you get a whole bucket full of smurfberries.

When our daughter Edina was a small child she used to sit in the garden removing all the flowers on these plants. 🙂 Making lots of piles with berries.

40211 Gargamel and Azrael

I will give you some historyinformation about this supersmurf from 1978( eventhough the marking says 1982 on the german mold). 🙂

Gerda ( has this fabulous poster from 1978 on her website. She sent me this closeup a few years ago. Here you can see that Schleich gave this supersmurf the articlenumber 40207 at this time. But I don´t think it was ever sold with that number. It was most likely sold first time in 1979 with number 40211.

But eventhough not sold this year it was made in 1978 and looked like this. Notice that Azrael did not have any eyebrows or whiskers on the first variations.

Azrael had this marking in the beginning.

As said no painted whiskers or eyebrows. I have 5 of these and all are painted the same. Old variation above.

Gargamel had his markings on the back of the robe in the beginning. And no yearmarking was used in 1978. 🙂 Unmarked under shoes.

As many of the figurines the paint used for the faces can be very different in colour. Also on this markingvariation.

In around 1980 Schleich added yearmarkings to the old molds and 1978 was added. This marking was probably used in Germany to around 1982.

When making new boxes in 1983 they changed the german name to Gargamel instead of Gurgelhals. Notice also that the old picture on the boxes also has the old paintvariation of Azrael.

When they added the markings under the shoes instead they for some strange reason marked it with the year 1982. Could be because they made the markingchange then??? This was the marking used all the way to the year they stopped with this super in 1986. The last one made was the one with black dot.

As you see these also comes in slightly different skincolours.

Azrael only got this peyo marking instead of the older marking. As you see there are 2 different markingvariations. The one with the larger peyo-marking also has a cavitynumber. These also have painted whiskers and eyebrows.

This was the box used in for example UK, containing german-marked figurines. The box is the same as the W Berrie box but they changed the marking under the box( removed W Berrie articlenumber) and also changed NBC to TV.

NBC started showing the smurfs in september 1981 and in 1982 they sold this super for the first time with articlenumber 6723.

Azrael got the marking Hongkong and Schleich.

Azrael had the same markings all the time, but eventhough only sold between 1982 and 1985 in the US there are actually a few markingvariations( 4-5 variations) on Gargamel. And as on the german figurines the skincolour was changed a few times?? 🙂  W berrie marked to the right.

1978 marking. I think this is the marking used after the 1980 marking. But I believe there is a first 1978 marking also.

As on all smurfs sold in the US they changed the year markings to 1980 in 1982.

Then we have the W.B.Co marked Gargamel.

The last one made in Hongkong was the W Berrie marked Gargamel.

The mold was also used in 1992, but then with CE marking and pink labglas instead. This variation was never sold as a supersmurf.

As you see they just added CE in the beginning on this mold. But to the right you see that they made a new mold later also, then marked made in China also. There are more variations of that one but we get to that some other time. 🙂

BUT Schleich actually sold this Gargamel as a regular smurf without Azrael in Argentina. Made by Minimodels. With white patches on the robe.

This was a licensed figurine by Schleich and got the Minimodels marking. At least half the marking. 🙂

This fantastic variation made in Spain was not licensed, but still among my favorites. 🙂

Azrael is unmarked and kind of yellow-brownish??

No markings at all on the spanish Gargamel.

Let me know if you have seen more variations of these Schleichmolds.


Flowers, flowers, flowers….

Naturi helped we finding all new flowers starting to show everywhere in our garden. First this very nice Magnolia Leonard Messel( hybrid M. Kobus and M. Stellata).

We bought 2 magnolia four years ago, because my wife and I could not agree which to buy. So this was my choice. My wifes choice Magnolia sieboldii is not in bloom yet. 🙂

Naturi had a hard time climbing this Forsythia intermedia.

Same lovely yellow colour( like Naturis hat) on this Kingcup, Caltha palustris. Lots of them beside our pond.

Lots of Daffodils( Narcissus) also.

I just love these small ”Blue-eyed Mary”, Omphalodes verna.

Primula veris. Most of them are yellow in our garden but some are red like this one.

This violet, Viola odorata, has been around for a while now in our garden. My wife get the feeling that the flowers scent is more obvious when the sun shines??? 🙂

This Corydalis, I think it is C. Solida, starts to spread in the lawn rapidly. More and more every year.

This Fritillaria meleagris is one of the flowers I wanted and got for our garden. 🙂

Removing Weeds from the gravel walkways.

Yesterday we spent the day in the garden. I spent a few hours removing weeds from the walkways and then used this large heavy rake making nice patterns! Got some help but the stones were a bit to big for their smaller rakes. 🙂

2 hours spent in the spring will pay back ten times in the summer. Easily!! If you remove the weeds when it just starts these walkways are so easy to maintain.

Future smurfcollector??? :)

Viktor really has the potential to become a future smurfcollector!! 🙂 Also starts to look a lot like his mother?? 🙂

Olympics album 1979

Now when we soon get our olympic sportsmurfs I want to show these differences in the comics. In 1979 the smurf olympic games comic was made for the first time. Then painted with the emblem on the chest compared to the later released album with the same strip.

Same on this picture with the torchbearer.

As you see this album was released for Coca Cola, Fanta and Sprite together with the Belgian Olympic committe.

About the sport capsules from 1979. 🙂 Pictures are very similair to the ones on the swedish collecting cards from 1979.

This picture is to prepare you for the winnersmurf, soon to be sold!!! Article 20745 🙂

3 newborn kittens and 1 small Azrael!!!

Yesterday evening and night we got 3 new members in our house. One black, one white and one grey kitten. Azrael likes this off course. 🙂 And helps Myra watching them.

Finally the Great Crested Newt( Triturus cristatus) also found its way to our pond.

Finally also the larger Newt, Triturus cristatus, arrived and we caught this female for this picture. She off course was put back in the pond after the picture. 🙂

Baking bread for next week!

Baking bread again. My children don´t like olives, so I am baking a bread for myself which I can bring to work every day next week. A lot of oliveoil, olives, basil, rosepepper and I also added some apples. Worked very nice last week! 🙂