The History of the Eastersmurfs!

The first variation of the Easter Bunny smurfs were made in Hongkong. In the beginning these were made for the US market and sold as seasonal figurines by W Berrie with articlenumber 6520. W Berrie tells us these were made 1981, but I think 1982 is the correct year it was sold for the first time in the USA.

However the 2 in 1982 seems a bit odd and could have been changed???In Germany articlenumbers 20496 and 20497 were used for the easterbunnies.

Schleich gives this set articlenumber 20832 when they starts selling it in 1983 in Germany. Probably also sent the molds to Portugal in around 1983/1984??

In 1984 Schleich added two new eastersmurfs. These were the first smurfs marked Applause and from this date all eastersmurfs were made in portugal instead. Articlenumbers 20489 and 20490 were used for the new ones.

The Hongkongmarking was blocked and Portugal was added instead.

This was the box used when they got the new figurines.

These were made all the way to 1993. During these years the colour on the bow was changed to orange instead of the yellow, which they used in the beginning. Between 1991 and 1993 they added the CE-marking on the ones made in Portugal.

All these 4 eastersmurfs can have CE-markings and Portugalmarkings.

In 1993 they Schleich had all the eastersmurfs made in China and also added 2 new eastersmurfs. Articlenumbers 20491 and 20492.

All these 6 molds got the new China-marking.

In 1996 they stopped with the easter bunnysmurfs and in 1997 they added 2 new molds instead. And just like they did with the buildings and cottages, Schleich changed the colours on all the 4 other eastersmurfs they continued making. So the 6 in the front were the colours used after 1996 and behind them are the eastersmurfs sold before 1996. The new smurfs also got new articlenumbers, 20511-20516. You can see 4 of them in the 1996 booklet from Schleich. So in 1996 only 4 eastersmurfs were sold. 🙂 The 2 last ones were added 1997 and got the last 2 numbers 20515 and 20516. All these were made in China from 1993 to the end.

2001 was the last year the eastersmurfs were sold.



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