Aerial Photograph from 1958!

We have a aerial photo of our house, but the colours have faded. Recently we saw an ad from a company, which have bought all the negatives from almost all aerial photos of houses made in Sweden. After contacting the company they called us today. They had managed to find the originalpicture. It was taken 1958 and the negative is not an old black and white photo. It was among the first coloured aerial photographs they had. They started with colours in around 1955. Therefore they told us we can get a new photograph with colours looking exactly as it looked when it was sold in 1958. That is so great!!! 🙂

They funny thing in this case is that when the photo was taken there were no other houses near our house. Our house is from 1820. But in the 60s they started building a lot of houses close to our house, so it is a big difference from the old photo.


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