Smurfette on bike. CE????

40236, Smurfette on bike, was sold in the german catalogue first time in 1985. W berrie sold it in 1984. But the articlenumber and the marking on the german mold 1982 tells us it was most likely sold already in 1983 in some way. There are 5 boxes possible for this supersmurfette as far as I know.

I have only seen 2 markingvariations though. Are there a CE-marked Smurfette on bike?? I think there could be one. It was sold all the way from 1984-1993 and then also in 1997 and 1998. So I would like more variations!!!! 🙂

Articlenumber 40010!!

I got a question in the email from Nick about articlenumber 40010 I have in the lists on my website. Unfortunatly I don´t know how that box looks like. As you see on this catalogue-picture it is a box containing 6 cottages( 2 of each roof-colour). Most likely it was never sold like this in the stores. It is just a articlenumber used so dealers could by 6 cottages at the same time and probably the dealers then unpacked them and sold them seperate in the toystores??? Have anyone seen such a box with 6 cottages?

Other interesting articlenumbers here is 40016 and 40017, used for a cottage together with a smurf or smurfette. In those cases a sticker with the smurfette was used and put on the box like you see on the smurfettes cottage box. 🙂 I love that box but have never seen it live. 🙁

The windmill- and large house playsets with articlenumbers 40009 ans 40019 were sold in special boxes and those can be seen in the boxhistory-pages on my website.

Here is a closeup on the smurfette sticker!!

Bowling and Beer

Getting ready for a night with the colleagues; After work! 🙂 We will go to Bishop Arms to drink beer and then we will have a nice dinner and go bowling!!! Fridays are not the best day to go out since after one weeks work everybody is tired. But it will be fun!!! 🙂

Minismurfs Bully 1979.

Here is the minismurfs sold by Bully in 1979 and therefore you also can see that these colours were sold as loose minismurfs and not in a game. 🙂

Bully smurf-boardgames and Minismurfs!!

Hélène asked a question about the Bullymade boardgame ”Die Flöte mit sechs Schlümpfen” and I thought I would tell the story about this game here. As you see on this poster from 1976 two smurf-games were made by Bully.  Articlenumbers 601/1011 and 602/1011.

But the actual articlenumbers on the boxes are 601/1011 and 601/1012. So I guess the number on the second game was changed to 601/1012 instead of 602/1011?? 🙂

The reason for making this game was that the movie was about to be shown in Germany in 1976 as said on the poster.

That is also why Bully made the Pewitt- and Johann-molds in 1975. As said on the poster ”Heros from the movie”. 🙂

The mini-smurfs and the dice looked like this in this game Hélène. In 1976 the minismurfs only were used in the games.

Then the minismurfs had different sizes. The ones belonging to the second game ”Die Flöte mit Sechs Schlümpfen” are slighty larger. To the right on the picture.

They also have a different marking. Smaller handetched Bully-marking.

All these 6 smurfs in this game have this smaller marking.

In 1977 Bully started selling the minismurf also as a loose item, you could buy as a loose figurine without the game. Articlenumber 1010/K. It seems then Bully sold the smaller sized minismurf. After 1978 the number was changed to 1010/90.

The loose minismurfs comes in many colours. For example these.

But when looking like this I think they should belong in a game??? But I could be wrong?? 🙂

Also the slightly larger minismurfs as shown before, most likely also only were sold in the boardgame.




Discus thrower. No yearmarking, 1978, 1979 and 1980!!

When the discus thrower was made the first time it had no yearmarking. But later three different years were added!! 🙂

First they added 78 to the smurfmold, which also was the year this mold was made.

They also added 1979 to the throwing circle. the reason for this could be that they changed the mold for the circle then???

The mold used in Portugal got the yearmarking 1980. Maybe they made this mold in 1980??? Strange. Usually they always marked them with the original moldyear.

The base still got the year 1979 though.

I don´t know exactly how these markings were combined, but basicly the early markings goes with early boxes and early circlemarkings goes with early discussmurfs. But I think portugal 1980 was also sold with the 1979 german circle and also the german variation was sold in the early HK box, since they many times used german smurfs in the early HK boxes??? Like the Gardener.

The discus was sold until 1985. But later also made for the 1997 sportstadium. Then with 78 marking and red discus.

The polkadotboxes, only made in 1997, were actually sold with a slightly different ”punched” half circle-shaped part on the box for opening or closing also??? 🙂

1.3007 Ente

Which of these eggs are from a Duck??? Pink, green or white??? 🙂

In 1983 Schleich made this Duck.

It was sold in this nice box and had articlenumber 13007!!

Sportsupers 1997. One of them missing CE-marking. Strange!

In the 1997 Schleich catalogue 7 sportsupers( Kajak already existed) were made again to go with the sportstadium sold that year. All these were painted in the shiny blue paint used then. Also all got the CE marking. Except one. Discus thrower. For some reason that is the only one of these ones not getting the new marking on these. I have never seen any discus thrower with CE markings. If anyone have any let me know! 🙂 Some of them were only released again for this year.

Another funny thing is that they used the same articlenumber 20441 on the sportsortiment as on the Sprinter sold the year before. Could be an error, or??? 🙂

Kittens in about one week now???

Now it is very easy the feel the kittens move inside our cat Myra, when putting a hand on her belly. I would guess they will be born in about one week now. 🙂 Yippeee!!

Blue dot boxes!!

As you may know there are lots of smaller differences on the polkadot-boxes. One very interesting thing that many collectors have missed is that also the boxes where marked with a blue dot during 2000-2002, when the blue dots were used on the smurfs. So for example this box for Smurfette on the beach can be found without blue dot and also with printed blue dot.

Most of the time a blue dot-sticker was used, like on the box to the left. But some of the boxes were made with printed blue dot like the one to the right.

Therefore you also will be able to find the same differences as on many of the other regular smurfs made during this time. The shiny blue paint was used last time on the 2000 mold smurfs I think. So shiny with blue dot and then matte paint without dot and the last one is the adressmarked smurfette from last year no longer sold.

The same differences will be found on almost all of the smurfs made during these years. Shiny paint vs matte paint. If you look at the overall on this racer there is a big difference. 🙂

Just like Schleich do on their boxes today, they for a time used this datemarking inside the boxes and therefore you can easily date the smurfs. Todays variation of the boxes with datemarking outside the box, shown to the right on the picture.

If you are a really extreme collector regarding variations there also are differences not seen from the outside of the boxes. For example you can see that there is a different ”foldingsystem” on these boxes. 🙂 The first one used is the one to the left.