Made in Germany vs Made in China!

In 1991 Schleich started marking their smurfs Germany instead of W Germany, as they had done before the reunion of Germany. So West Germany stopped existing on new molds then. On the old molds they just blocked or removed the W in front of Germany. As you see on the picture almost the same type of marking was used in 1991 and in 2004, with double Germany. First Schleich Germany and then also Made in Germany. Also always CE markings after 1991. All new smurfmolds made after 2004 are marked Made in Germany, but between 1993( when the first new mold with China markings appeared) and 2004 both country-markings were used on the smurfs.

But smurfs like the Basketball made in 2002 still got the Made in China-markings all the way until they stopped making it. Even the one to the right with addressmarking on the shorts made in 2009/2010 have the made in China marking. 2002 was also the last molds getting the blue dot. So therefore the one to the left with the dot was the first one made.

The blue dots were only used between 2000 and 2002. So these were the last ones getting the blue dot, which represented a new PVC formula. So if you have any of these smurfs with blue dots they are among the first ones made. I see now that I forgot one of the smurfs made that year on the picture, since it is only 7 smurfs on the picture. 🙂

Another interesting thing is the shiny blue paint used pre 2000 for a while. The marching band smurfs never got this shiny paint. So the early ones with blue dots have this shiny paint.

So for example these smurfs made during this shiny paint-era exists both with shiny and matte blue paint. One interesting thing also is that in the beginning you see that they painted the space between the shoelaces grey on this hiker. Because of the shiny blue paint and the blue dot we know this was the first variation of this smurf. Most likely they stopped painting this part because it was unnecessary and timeconsuming, or even more likely because it was wrong??? That space between the laces should be the same colour as the shoes, or!! 🙂 On the picture; blue dots and shiny paint to the left and matte paint and without dot to the right.

By the way. Can´t wait to get the new beachvolley-smurfette and display it together with the existing one!!!

BIG NEWS!!! Kajaksmurf exists with addressmarking!! :)

Lia checked the content in the boxes and it now is confirmed. The Prijon kajak now also exists with addressmarkings!!! 🙂 Many thanks Lia!!

Prijon Kayak smurf!!

Lia noticed that there were slighty differences on the Schleich Kajak-boxes only sold by Prijon. One intersting thing is the datemarking on the box. I used to check these stamps when I was looking for the addressmarked supersmurfs, playsets and houses. Dates higher than 908 usually contained addressmarked smurfs. So in this case a number as high as 1004, meaning made in April 2010, could mean there could be a addressmarked kajak-supersmurf???? In this case it is a promo so maybe they have not changed that mold??

Happy Birthday Ma Chérie!!!

Today is my wifes Birthday. So Happy Birthday Jennie. My Love!

Today I also noticed that the Anemone Nemorosa ( Wood Anemone) had started to show their faces in our Garden. My wife told me these flowers many times are very old ( just like my wife?? I hope she don´t read this! 🙂 ), because of the rhizomes( underground root-stems). Personally I like the leaves more than the flower on this plant! 🙂

Still looking for the Magic Egg!!!

As you may remember a Magic Egg was found in 1960, as described in ”L’oeuf et les Schtroumpfs”( The Egg and the Smurfs); first time as a mini-recit in the Spirou magazine 1147. The smurfs have never stopped looking for a new Magic Egg.

So when we got our new Hens today they had to check if they laid Magic eggs. 🙂

Aerial Photograph from 1958!

We have a aerial photo of our house, but the colours have faded. Recently we saw an ad from a company, which have bought all the negatives from almost all aerial photos of houses made in Sweden. After contacting the company they called us today. They had managed to find the originalpicture. It was taken 1958 and the negative is not an old black and white photo. It was among the first coloured aerial photographs they had. They started with colours in around 1955. Therefore they told us we can get a new photograph with colours looking exactly as it looked when it was sold in 1958. That is so great!!! 🙂

They funny thing in this case is that when the photo was taken there were no other houses near our house. Our house is from 1820. But in the 60s they started building a lot of houses close to our house, so it is a big difference from the old photo.

The History of the Eastersmurfs!

The first variation of the Easter Bunny smurfs were made in Hongkong. In the beginning these were made for the US market and sold as seasonal figurines by W Berrie with articlenumber 6520. W Berrie tells us these were made 1981, but I think 1982 is the correct year it was sold for the first time in the USA.

However the 2 in 1982 seems a bit odd and could have been changed???In Germany articlenumbers 20496 and 20497 were used for the easterbunnies.

Schleich gives this set articlenumber 20832 when they starts selling it in 1983 in Germany. Probably also sent the molds to Portugal in around 1983/1984??

In 1984 Schleich added two new eastersmurfs. These were the first smurfs marked Applause and from this date all eastersmurfs were made in portugal instead. Articlenumbers 20489 and 20490 were used for the new ones.

The Hongkongmarking was blocked and Portugal was added instead.

This was the box used when they got the new figurines.

These were made all the way to 1993. During these years the colour on the bow was changed to orange instead of the yellow, which they used in the beginning. Between 1991 and 1993 they added the CE-marking on the ones made in Portugal.

All these 4 eastersmurfs can have CE-markings and Portugalmarkings.

In 1993 they Schleich had all the eastersmurfs made in China and also added 2 new eastersmurfs. Articlenumbers 20491 and 20492.

All these 6 molds got the new China-marking.

In 1996 they stopped with the easter bunnysmurfs and in 1997 they added 2 new molds instead. And just like they did with the buildings and cottages, Schleich changed the colours on all the 4 other eastersmurfs they continued making. So the 6 in the front were the colours used after 1996 and behind them are the eastersmurfs sold before 1996. The new smurfs also got new articlenumbers, 20511-20516. You can see 4 of them in the 1996 booklet from Schleich. So in 1996 only 4 eastersmurfs were sold. 🙂 The 2 last ones were added 1997 and got the last 2 numbers 20515 and 20516. All these were made in China from 1993 to the end.

2001 was the last year the eastersmurfs were sold.


Happy Easter!!

Have a Happy Easter today!!!

Ice fishing in April!!

Yesterday we had snow again and the night was cold, so it was ice on the pond again. Last week it was ice on the pond every morning, but in the evenings the ice was gone. We had minus 8 degrees in the mornings, but later over 10 degrees when the sun was shining. 🙂

So ice fishing in the mornings and sunbathing after lunch??? 🙂

Anguis fragilis

Snakes many times are seen as symbols of evil, but this little fellow is actually no snake. It is a limbless lizard. They have eyelids and can blink, unlike snakes. It is the first time I have seen Anguis fragilis( ”slow-worm”?) this year.

There is a comic where a snake caused panic in the smurfvillage, but was calmed by music and later the postman smurf uses the snake in his work. 🙂