The smell of Lilac makes me happy!!!

We have a lot of different Lilac in our Garden. Naturi loves the smell of these and managed to climb most of them. I am not sure which one this is but in the background is the common Syringa vulgaris together with a small oaktree.

The colours of these are so lovely, like this white one.

Or this one with a darker lilac colour.

Autumncolours in the summer

It is lovely with these autumncolours in the garden already. The Paperbark Marple, Acer griseum, together with this lovely Tulip and the red-brown Lysimachia ciliata are fantastic this time of the year!! 🙂

Details on the new sportsmurfs, like cavitynumbers, molds etc.

On the blue cavern forum we have been talking about the cavity-numbers on the new smurfs. And as Frank said there is one smurf that is a bit odd and hard to find the cavitynumber on. It is this weightlifter, and as you see the weight bar is a glued accessory that can be removed( with a bit of tools, since we don´t want to ruin the smurf!! 🙂 ) But we start with the one-mold smurfs.

Markinginformation: addressmarkings and datemarking under feets, Schleich S on the back of the head, CE on the back of the shorts and cavitynumber on the side of the leg. 4-cavitymold.

Markinginformation: Addressmarking on the front of the chest and shorts, datemarking under the base, cavitynumber on the inside of the leg, CE behind the right shoe, made in Germany and 11 Peyo on the arms. 4-cavity mold.

Markinginformation: Most of the markings( address- date- cavity etc.) under the feets like on the picture, CE on the back of the shorts, Schleich S on the back of the head. 4-cavity mold.

Markinginformation: Made in Germany, CE, cavitynumber and datemarking under the feets, addressmarking on the back of the hair, 11 Peyo and Schleich S on the back of the head. 4-cavity mold.

Markinginformation: CE on the back of the shorts, cavitynumber on the back of the frontleg, Schleich S and datemarking on the back of the head, All other markings like the addressmarking under the shoes. 4-cavity mold.

Markinginformation: CE on the back, Schliech S and part of the addressmarking( D- 73527 Schw. Gmünd) on the back of the head, the rest of the addressmarking, datemarking and cavitynumber is under the shoes. 4-cavity mold.

Now to the new smurfs made of 2 molds.

The swimmer is made out of 2 pieces. All markings are under the ”back-part” with the shorts, feets and most of the stand. 4-cavity mold.

But since the upperbody of the smurf and also the front of the stand is another piece this also have a cavitynumber. The front is also a 4-cavity mold.

Markinginformation: Schleich S on the back of the head, CE on the back of the shorts, cavitynumber on the leg, datemarking on the side of the shoe and the rest of the markings under the shoes. 4-cavity mold.

The loose accessory also has a cavitynumber as you see on the picture.


Markinginformation on the smurf: Cavitynumber, datemarking, CE, 11 peyo and made in Germany under the shoes.

The hands of the smurf is actually part of the stickhorse and this part is glued at the hands and also has a plug under the trousers where it is also glued.

On this part it is also possible to see the second datemarking on this smurf. The swimmer also have this datemarking on the front but probably not possible to see since it is on the sides that are glued.

The addressmarking is on the stickhorse and also the second cavitynumber.

Markinginformation: Schleich S on the back of the head, CE on the back of the shorts and all other markings under the shorts. No cavitynumber found on this smurf!!

Because I could not find any cavitynumber I removed the weightbar. 🙂 It is made in one piece and also has a cavitynumber and datemarking. Pretty soft to be an accessory??

My guess is that the cavitynumber in this smurf is on the head under the bar. But it is impossible to see with all the glue and paint. I don´t think it is in the hands??

Smurfs on cards 1984-1986 and the Blister walls 7205-7207

I have this loose card which never have been used. It could actually be used for both supersmurfs and regular smurfs. But the supersmurfs then were still in their boxes on these cards. This card was also used for regular smurfs sold in 2-packs.

As you see on this picture from the Schleich 1985 catalogue a different smaller card was used for the blistercards with only on regular smurf. You can see all 3 variations on Christys site about smurfs in packaging:

Schleich made these cards in 1984 and made them for 3 years. They were made to fit the blisterwalls 7205, 7206 and 7207. Because of the success in 1984 Schleich made a lot of different variations of these ”smurf-o-thek”, displays and blister walls. So all numbers 7200 to 7212 were used for different variations as seen in 1985 and 1986 catalogues.

Italian CE-labels

You can find many CE-labels or stickers on smurfs. These ones are italian. You can find these labels on many smurfs from around 1986, with red dots, w berrie markings etc.. The reason for this is that Schleich had large stocks of smurfs after the bancruptcy in 1987 and sold these smurfs also in the early 90s and then with CE-stickers or labels. Eventhough these were sold after Schleich started with the printed CE-marking, these did not have this CE-marking. Only the newly made smurfs got the printed CE in the mold. Not the old ones still in stock. Just like today. First they sell the ones they have in stock and then the ones with new markings appears.

You can read about the CE-stickers, handetched CE and printed CE in the SCCI-letters from the early 90s when these markings and stickers were latest news!! 🙂

Regarding a question where the dot-marked smurfs were used.

Since I wrote this in a thread that is only for members on the blue cavern forum I would like to add it here also.

This is my opinion how the dot-marked smurfs mainly were sold. 🙂

The ones with green dots are always made by Schleich. Eventhough sometimes having Bullymarkings. I have a emailconfirmation from the Kraut-family and also recieved a email from Paul Kraut Jr( managing director of Schleich) that Paul Kraut Sr started the factory in Tunesia in 1982. At that time Bully already had stopped with smurfs. :cheers:This is also a 100% solid proof that Schleich sold and made smurfs marked Bully.
Regarding where these were sold I agree with Benny. Mainly in Europe.
Basicly I think it was like this:
In 1978 Schleich started making smurfs in Hongkong. In the beginning these were sold in Europe. For example the smurfs sold before the leadpaintscandal in UK were painted in Hongkong and those were the smurfs accused to be dangeruos for children.
So in late 1978 or in 1979 Schleich started painting smurfs in Portugal instead for the UK-market, the National Benzole-campaign. And then the smurfs made in Hongkong were sold in other ”new” countries outside Europe. The BP-campaign in Australia started and also the smurfs were sold in the US by W Berrie.
Because of the increasing demand of smurfs a new factory in Tunesia was used 1982, mainly for the european market. Around the same time also another factory was built in Sri Lanka to help the Hongkong-factory with the increasing demand in US. During those years they had areas around the airports in Sri Lanka where it was were ”cost-effective” to place factories. I think no taxes had to be paid because the main idea was that parts were sent to these factories and then the final products flown away when finished. So these were not items made to be sold in Sri lanka and then did not need to pay taxes. Large areas around airports were used for factories in Sri lanka because of that.
So as Benny wrote the tunisian factory mainly helped the european market and the Sri lanka factory helped the Hongkongfactory because of the increasing demand in US. However this changed in around 1984 when the demand started dropping in some countries and then after the bancruptcy in 1987, 3 countries were used besides the smurfs made in Germany. It is written in the Schleich book that those 3 countries still were used in 2010 when the book was written. The countries are China, Tunisia and Portugal. However I think the Maia Borges factory in Portugal no longer makes items for Schleich???
Between 1984/85 and 1989 the stock of smurfs was higher than the demand and therefore Schleich sold the smurfs they had in stock, no matter where it was made, to where the demand wanted smurfs!!! 🙂 So during those years a lot of different markings could appear basicly anywhere?? 🙂

I think it is hard to say exactly which smurfs were painted with green dots, because basicly all smurfs made before 1987 are potential green dot smurfs. But I am sure that is not the case, however it is hard to say exactly which smurfs Schleich sent to Tunisia to help with the increasing demand during 1982-1987!! Schleich have also confirmed that many of the smurfs with black dots were painted in Tunesia. So the Tunisian factory was 100% sure used after the bancruptcy also.

Schleich s-point toys and the bancruptcy

In 1985/86 Schleich started selling toys called s-point. This car with articlenumber 71005 was one out of 9 models made. Schleich spent several millions in this project.

Already in 1982 Schleich started to make these toys because they knew that sooner or later there would be a drop i sales for the licensed figurines, like the smurfs.

But this project was a big failure and was according to the Schleich-book one of the reasons the company went bancrupt in january 1987. So when suddenly nobody wanted to buy smurfs anymore, Schleich had no other toys to take their place. And because of this economical problems in the end of 1986 , the smurftrain made then together with Märklin never made it to the toystores. 🙁

Actually the smurfs goes well with these models, if you look at the size. 🙂

Maybe the smurftrain, article 40021, would have been made in similair material??? 🙂


Old articlenumbers, pre 1978, and Smurf tops sold by National Benzole

Benny showed this lovely box in a thread at the Bluecavern-forum: . You need to be a member to see this thread.

The interesting thing in this case is not only the lovely display-box but also the information on it. As you see it says that you can switch the heads and that there are 6 heads( normal, papa, smurfette, brainy, angry and naughty) and 6 different bases( green, red, yellow, blue, black and purple).

This is how they looked like.

But as said on the box the heads are removable and therefore if you find a item like this with a red base it still can be genuine. That is part of the idea, to be able to play with them and switch heads. 🙂

A interesting thing is that these do not have any markings but they are Schleich-made items. You can see them in the 1979 Schleich-catalogue with articlenumber 54000.

The oldest actual picture I have seen of these are from 1978 when they were sold for the first time by National Benzole( leaflet). They were together with the gardenplayset and large house among the first ”smurf-accessories” made by Schleich.

One of the most interesting things about this box for me and my chronological investigation is that it has the Schleichemblem printed on the box and also the old ”bestell-nr” 592, which is from the articlenumbers used before Hermann Schneider changed these and started a new serie in 1978( the one we know today). This also tells us these smurf tops were made around 1977.

We have also seen this articlenumbers used on the gardenset box. This set was made in 1977 and have the number just before the smurftops, 591.

So far we have only seen these 2 ”bestell”-numbers used before 1978 and therefore have a list with only 2 numbers!! 🙂

591 Garden playset, or actually only called playset at that time since only one existed.

592 Smurftops, 6 different heads and 6 different bases. Sold in displaybox with 60 pieces.

But as you see on this picture from the National Benzole leaflet in 1978 also the sharpeners-display probably could be found in the old box. The large house I am pretty sure is possible to find in the old box since it has the moldyear 1976 and was made before the gardenset. My guess is that the large house has articlenumber 590 or 589?? 🙂

If anyone has a box with these old numbers if would be great if you send me a confirmation so we then know it exist. Thanks!! 🙂

We also knows that Schleich in their book from last year writes that there is a Schleichcatalogue from 1973 which shows a smurfhouse( the older ones) and therefore we know that there actaully, 100% sure, is a possibility to get to know ALL the articlenumbers Schleich used on the smurfs made before 1978!!! So sooner or later we will find out! 🙂

Additional information to the 40211 Gargamel and Azrael supersmurf-post!!

I would like to thank Benny for this picture and that he noticed a missing marking in the post I made about supersmurf 40211 Gargamel/Azrael. It is a marking made in around 1980 when schleich started adding the yearmarkings on the old smurfmolds which did not have any. So this marking was used between 1980 and 1982 I think. My guess is that the reason they added 1982 on the feets on this smurf could be because Schleich changed the marking to under the feets around that time?? 🙂

Here is the old page with all other markings and also all the boxes. I will add the marking-picture to that page also so they are in the same page and easy to find.

The belgium olympic promos will most likely be sold in London at Belgium House!!

”Belgium has chosen Inner Temple to host its Olympic House at the London 2012 Games.
The Belgian National Olympic Committee signed the contract with The Honourable Society of the Inner Temple, on Tuesday (7 June) and will take over the whole site for the duration of the Games, including the new Apex Temple Court Hotel.
Inner Temple commissioned EXP Sport in August 2010 to secure them a client specifically for the Games, and the venue expects to cater for more than 11,000 Belgian NOC guests for 17 days.
EXP Sport is a consultancy that facilitates major sponsorship arrangements with sporting organisations.”

It is written they will be sold in the merchandising shop. So I hope our smurfcollectors from UK can buy them there!! 🙂

In Belgium they will most likely be sold already in 7th of July as written on the poster.

Added this picture so you can see which items will be sold at the merchandise shop at Belgium house. 🙂