Schleich s-point toys and the bancruptcy

In 1985/86 Schleich started selling toys called s-point. This car with articlenumber 71005 was one out of 9 models made. Schleich spent several millions in this project.

Already in 1982 Schleich started to make these toys because they knew that sooner or later there would be a drop i sales for the licensed figurines, like the smurfs.

But this project was a big failure and was according to the Schleich-book one of the reasons the company went bancrupt in january 1987. So when suddenly nobody wanted to buy smurfs anymore, Schleich had no other toys to take their place. And because of this economical problems in the end of 1986 , the smurftrain made then together with Märklin never made it to the toystores. 🙁

Actually the smurfs goes well with these models, if you look at the size. 🙂

Maybe the smurftrain, article 40021, would have been made in similair material??? 🙂



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