Italian CE-labels

You can find many CE-labels or stickers on smurfs. These ones are italian. You can find these labels on many smurfs from around 1986, with red dots, w berrie markings etc.. The reason for this is that Schleich had large stocks of smurfs after the bancruptcy in 1987 and sold these smurfs also in the early 90s and then with CE-stickers or labels. Eventhough these were sold after Schleich started with the printed CE-marking, these did not have this CE-marking. Only the newly made smurfs got the printed CE in the mold. Not the old ones still in stock. Just like today. First they sell the ones they have in stock and then the ones with new markings appears.

You can read about the CE-stickers, handetched CE and printed CE in the SCCI-letters from the early 90s when these markings and stickers were latest news!! 🙂


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