New olympicboxes for the Belgium olympic team!!

Since these items are shown on the belgian olympic site I assume it is OK to show them here also. They will be sold 7th of July and have supersmurf-articlenumbers 40266-40270. First new ones in eleven years. 🙂

An interesting question is if there are more than one variation of these boxes??? Check picture below!! 🙂

Added them to the latest news on my website:

Painterror! :)

This Rider don´t have his pocket painted black. But it is a painterror and no variation!! 🙂 A lot of ”errors” like this will be on all new smurfs and also is common on older smurfs.

Schleich homeworkers

The book Schleich sold last year about the companys history tells us that homeworkers were used when painting smurfs.

I have heard this several times from different sources and it is good that it is confirmed in Schleich own book. It is told that the homeworkers only got paid for the smurfs that was painted correctly. The other smurfs sometimes found other ways to the market through fleamarkets or similair. A way to make extra money??? Anyway the homeworkers are interesting, since we many times have heard that collectors tells that their releatives worked at Schleich and brought home lots, lots of smurfs. This could be true if they worked as homeworkers painting them at home. 🙂 Off course many sellers tells this stories to sell more smurfs 🙁 , but it still is a fact that many smurfs were painted at home by homeworkers, so some of them are actually true. And that is maybe also why we can see variations of some of the smurfs never released. If homeworkers got the raws and then Schleich desided to never release them they could paint them how they wanted for their own collections or friends collections.

BUT we should know that most of these paintvariations were never sold by Schleich, eventhough actually painted by ”genuine” Schleich-painters!! 🙂

Only one supersmurf (40226) still made in Germany

When the CRT computer-supersmurf was removed the supersmurf in Hammock was the only one still made in Germany. All other supersmurfs are made in China. Both hammock and CRT-smurf don´t have any addressmarkings on the smurfs. The markings are only on the accessories. But both smurfs got the very large and thick CE-marking, like the one they use on todays smurfs. 🙂

New smurfs made and painted in Germany!!

If you check the new displayboxes and translate the complete articlenumber you will see that the new smurfs are made in Germany and also painted in Germany. 🙂

And then you also can see that this small paper with warnings added under the boxes have articlenumber 6136 and is printed in Germany. ”Nerdy-warning” on that info though???  🙂

Complete Schleich articlenumber also on supersmurfboxes!!!

As you see these 2 peyo creationboxes looks the same on the front. But there are a few differences.

The sides are slightly different and the newer boxes have larger letters.

BUT the far most interesting information is on this side of the box. They have added the complete articlenumber Schleich started adding on the boxes about 2 years ago. This articlenumber tells us alot about the content. For example you can see if the smurfs were painted in Tunesia or not!! They still are marked made in Germany. In this case 08 tells us it was made in China.

This picture I made give you a short explaination about how the articlenumber works.

Information from Schleich:

”One more thing you might find interesting. Every item has a 5 digit item number, but also a Schlech 13 digit item number:
10 being a fix preset number (for future use)

5 digit catalogue number

2 digit sub-part number (00 being main item as sold in stores, 01 e.g. might be the first smurf in the box, 02 the second one, 99 the packing)

2 digit packing variation number (01: EAN worldwide except USA, 02 UPC USA (not in use anymore), 03 EAN version with the North American ”Chocing Hazard” warning on the front side

2 digit Land of origin number (01: Germany, 02: Figurine: Germany, painted in tunisia (it will say: Made in Germany) 05: Portugal, 08 and 09: China)

So the smurf displays you bought in Sweden have 10XXXXX000102 meanig they do not have the printed warning text on the front of the box ”Choking Hazard”
Sometimes there is no US version and they only put a sticker on the box in the USA, but for the Century Smurfs there is a printed US version. The 13 digit item number there is 10XXXXX000302 and the difference to the German version is that the Chocing Hazard is printed on the box. Now there are also stickered versions in the US because demand was bigger than projected. So for a collector it might be interesting to find the printed versions of the century smurf boxes.
Best regards and have fun collecting.”

20895 and 20896 Schleich Sportstadium

The Sport stadium sold by Schleich in 1996 have 2 articlenumbers. 20895 is the main stadium and 20896 is the number used for the top-part, I assume.

That is also the reason Schleich did not use these 2 numbers on the displayboxes. The partybox got number 20894 and then the next one got number 20897. Now you know the reason for that! 🙂

CE policeman, 20123.

I think this is the first variation of the CE-marking used on the portugalmade smurfs. I have this also on the eastersmurfs, but now also found it on the policeman. 🙂

This also tells us the Policeman with the thicker stick was the last one made. 🙂 This one should not have any dot-marking.

Clockmarking or actually a datemarking! :)

I got a question from a collector about how to read the clockmarking. Here is a closeup on the marking I made when these markings started to show on the schleichfigurines for the first time. In the middle you have the year. 09 means 2009. Between them you have a long arrow( pointer) pointing at the month the smurfs was made. In this case it is pointing at 6, meaning June.

The earliest date I have seen for this marking is May 2009 and Schleich started with this around 0,5-1 year before adding the addressmarking on the figurines. So there are a few with only clockmarking( datemarking) before adding the addressmarking. 🙂

Hongkongmade supersmurfs pictured on the front of the early boxes??

These sportsmurfs sold in 1979 in Germany have germanmade smurfs pictured on the boxes. Nothing strange about that, right?

But it is a bit strange that all these sportsmurfs made in Germany in 1979 and sold in 1980, have the hongkongvariations pictured on the boxes. These variations were not sold until 1981 in the USA!! So the germanvariations were sold one year before in Europe, but since the Hongkongvariations are pictured on the boxes they must have existed already when these germansupers were made, right?

And they did. 🙂 As you see BP Australia had these hongkongmade variations of these supers pictured already in 1980. HK basket.

HK Hurdler with transparent plug.

And HK boxer with white stripes on the side of the shorts, etc.

Most supersmurfboxes made after 1980 have the hongkongvariation pictured on the boxes, since it was the first one used. Meaning until 1986 when they stopped making smurfs in Hongkong, of course.