BP gardenplayset Australia!!

These two garden playsets looks the same on all sides except one. The funny thing is that it was sold in Australia before in US, eventhough marked with W berrie articlenumber.

As you see it was made already in 1979 for BP Australia, but then printed in W Germany and also containing W Germany-marked parts. Later between 1980 and 1982 they started making this box in Hongkong. Then containing Hongkong-marked parts and also marked Wallace Berrie. Strange though that they alreay in 1979 had the articlenumber on the box.

But actually I believe all playsets sold by W Berrie before 1982 can be found with W Germany markings and W Germany parts.  I have not seen set 4( Mushroom) with this marking yet, but I know the boatset( nr 5) exists with W germany markings. Gerda has this set. If anyone have playset 4 made for W berrie with german-markings on the box please send me an email. 🙂

Bishop´s weed in todays dinner!!

My wife surprised me today. She asked me if I could guess what herb was used in todays dinner. I had no idea, but when taking a look at the leafs in the stew I knew it was not one of the common ones. Then she told me it was not a ”normal” herb. My guess was correct, Bishop´s weed( Aegopodium podagraria). It was the first time tasting it, eventhough I knew it could be used in food. Didn´t taste much and I still don´t like it since it is among the worst weed in the garden!!! 🙂

First time mowing the lawn this year

Removed the dust from the lawn mower, checked the oil, filter etc. and then mowing the lawn for the first time this year today!!