Two trees down and 5 trees up!!

As you see on the picture we have taken two trees down lately. Today my daughter helped me taking down a plumtree which didn´t make it through the last two cold winters. But as always, for every tree going down at least one new tree has to be planted. So my wife bought me a new plumtree with 4 different plum varieties. Victoria, Herman(swedish), Reine Claude D’Oullins and Opal. My daughters also helped me plant a new appletree, ’Fredrik'(swedish).

We have a large Hazel bush already but our son really likes Hazelnuts, so he helped us plant this bush with larger nuts. ’Cosford’

My wife has grown a lot of Katsura trees from seeds, Cercidiphyllum japonicum. Now we have finally planted 3 of them but still have a few more to plants. Just need to decide where to plant them. 🙂


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