W. Berrie has 2 articlenumberseries for the supersmurfs!

As you may have noticed the first supersmurfs sold by W berrie in the US in 1980 got articlenumbers 6505 to 6510. And at the same time they started a articlenumberserie with the olympic supersmurfs, 6705 to 6710. But when they added more supersmurfs they for some reason continued with the olympic articlenumberserie, so all supersmurfs got articlenumbers 67xx.

It could just be that they desided to use the 67xx-serie for the supersmurfs and then the seasonalfigurines could continue the 65xx-serie.

As you see on this box from 1984 they use the number 6515 for the eastersmurfs. The thing with this is that the eastersmurfs have articlenumber 6520 before 1984???

As you see the valentinesdisplay tells us the articlenumber 6550 was used both for the display and the valentinesmurf and -smurfette, which is correct if you go by the numbers on the blue moon poster.

The poster tells us the numbers used were like this in 1982:

6520 Easter smurf bunny, smurfette bunny(1981)
6530 Halloweenpumpkin(1981), halloweensmurfette on broom(1983)
6540 Santasmurf( 1981)
6545 santasmurfette(1982),smurf candycane(1983), smurfette gift(1983)
6550 Valentine smurf and smurfette( 1980 and 1982)
6560 Gradutionsmurf( 1981-), Smurfette( 1982-) and 1# Grad( 1984-)
6565 #1 teacher( only 1983)
6570 Thanksgivingsmurf( 1982, smurfette( 1983)
6580 St:Patricksmurf( 1982)

As with all the numbers W Berrie gave before, they did it in numerical order. So I assume 6520, 6530, 6540, 6550 and 6560 were used in 1981. And then they added 6570 and 6580 in 1982. Most likely they added the numbers inbetween like 6545 and 6565 later when they made some changes, probably 1983.

So my guess with the number 6515 is, that it was added in 1984 when they added 2 new eastersmurfs. So there should be an earlier easterdisplaybox made before 1984 also, with articlenumber 6520!!?? 🙂


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