New Red Devils promo

For many collectors it is a bit odd that Schleich used the devilsmurf to make a promo for the Belgium soccerteam. The reason for this is that the team is called Rode Duivels or Red Devils in english. Schleich gave it articlenumber 82915 and calls it Little Devil. 🙂


If you compare it with the very rare 20213 devil with the addressmarking( only a few were made since they stopped making the devil just when they had started with the addressmarking) you find one very important difference.


The old devil from 2009 is made of pink material and is painted red. The new devil is made of red material and painted pink. Therefore it is a big difference in the looks. One is pink and one is almost purple. This will also make it hard to fake the new promo to the old one. 🙂 My guess would be that more new promos were made compared to the old devil with addressmarking??? :))


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