Rainn Wilson is Gargamel

Mandy Patinkin is Papa Smurf

Star Smurfs

Amazing figurines made by Greg Aronowitz. 

We need rain

Fantastic Spring with lots of sunshine. But almost no rain at all. 

Oilympics Stadium from 1980

Sold by National Benzole. 

32 different soccer smurfs. 

Here are my 32 soccer smurfs I painted for the World Cup two years ago. 

Gone fishing. 

Some of the mini animals from Schleich looks great together with the smurfs. 

Minimodels variation

This paint variation with red telephone was made after the license from Schleich was lost. Made from the Hering mold with blocked markings( stripes). 

Lovely variation. 


Rare Hering Smurf in original bag.

Coleção Smurf. Hering used the same articlenumbers as Schleich, but skipped the two first numbers. So 20058 became 058 and 20014 became 014. 

volksbank raiffeisenbank smurf

Here is the broschure telling which smurfs you could make for your promotion.