UEFA Euro 2016 in France

Sweden is ready. 🙂 


Sometimes silver is worth more than gold. 



Schleich smurfs sold in Spain in the early 80s. 


A cold but smurfy start of 2016 


Gatz promo 82863

New marking on this one. 


New Smurfs 2015


Added all markings and information on the website!! 


Traveller smurf is back!!

He really enjoyed his time in California and the new movie will be supernice!!!!


A lot of snow last week.


World Traveller Smurf is now in California

He left the cold Sweden with his friend to visit Sony Pictures and check the progress in making the new Smurf Movie coming to the cinemas in 2016.


Hering smurfs

Here are some colour differences on the rope for the Cowboy on the Schleich mold used in Brazil by Hering.